” Yes, You Can go Back “

(Read: Isaiah 51:1-16)

So often we hear people say ” You just can’t go back. ” In some ways this is true. And it is a good thing we can’t. Memory is a wonderful gift, but to try to retain the past by keeping our minds there is to shut off growth and miss today. We can cherish the good things in our past, learn by experience, and anticipate the future, but we only have the now.

However, some things we must go back to , such as the (Wisdom) of our mothers. If yours was an unwise mother, you can pray for the wisdom your own children can go back to someday. Wisdom is partly inborn, partly learned. Wisdom is good sense; good sense is truth, truth is integrity. Yes, you can go back to all of them.

You can go back to simplicity-back to (Balance). You can go back to the (Word). Go back  to (Foundations), to the (Chief Cornerstone). Go back to (Repentance). Go back  to (Calvary); go back to the beautiful (Resurrection).

Yes, you can go back! Go back  to go forward-to basics, to cardinal doctrines. Some things are eternal.

When things get so complicated you are dizzy, when right is called “square” When adultery is the expected thing, when license is called liberty, When selfishness is labeled ” finding yourself,” when convictions based on the Word of God are called opinions, and when sin abounds, it is time to go back.

Accepted cliché’s can lead you astray: Old dogs can’t learn new tricks; you can’t change a leopard’s spots; you can’t go back. These are not necessarily true. If you can’t go back, you probably won’t go forward. Go back to the solid rock.  Yes, you can go back!

-Dorothy E. Sickal-

” Listen to me, You who pursue righteousness and who seek the LORD: Look to the rock from which you were cut and to the Quarry from which you were Hewn; look to Abraham, Your Father, and To Sarah, who gave you Birth.” Isaiah 51:1-2



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