Life Point:

Ephesians 4:26,27 basically tells us to let go of our anger before bed time. There is only one problem: What happens when we become good and angry just before bedtime? If we become angry in the morning, at least we have all day to get over it. But when we become angry close to bedtime, we have to make a quick decision about what to do with our anger.

Why is it so unwise for us to go to bed angry? I think it is because while we sleep? I think it is because while we sleep, what we are angry about has time to take root in us. But the Word admonishes us not to leave room for the devil to gain a foothold through our anger. If we refuse to get over our anger by bedtime, we open a door for the devil and give him a foothold. Once Satan gets a foothold in our lives, he sees an opportunity to move on to a stronghold.

I encourage you today to deal with your anger quickly and decisively so the devil sees no opportunity to take advantage of the situation. No matter how you feel, you can choose to forgive and walk in love. -Joyce Meyer-

” If we have willing hearts, stirred-up hearts, wise hearts, perfect hearts, and tender consciences, the devils plain for destruction is destroyed because then nothing can stop us from being used by God.” Amen!! Amen!!


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