It’s My Journey With Yahweh

Hi! My name is Sister Betty I am a Christian a follower of Yahweh (Hebrews) Name. I live a very simple life, a life style that I choose to live. My Journey is a journey of my everyday life. My struggles,persecution,hardships,suffering. It’s a journey where I share the truth of my life. Yahweh is my joy. And He gets (all) the Glory. I am not along; Yahweh lets me know He is with me, He has not forsaken me. It is all about living a Spirit-filled life here in this world. I am learning something New as I am growing Spirutually.I do hope you enjoy the journeys and be encouraged. Amen!! \O/


2 thoughts on “It’s My Journey With Yahweh

  1. Yes! Thank you for your brief into on her, Sister Betty. I hope you tell us more about your own journey on here in the days ahead. Thanks for posting on my blog your message filled with faith and hope.
    Your brother,

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