It’s My Journey With Yahweh

Hi! My name is Sister Betty I live a very simple life, a lifestyle that I choose to live. I believe that One does not need to tell people if we are Christians. Our daily living will speak for us. My Journey is a journey of my everyday walk. My struggles, persecution, hardships, suffering. The bitter, and sweet. It’s a journey where I share the truth of my life. I have been on both sides, just as the Apostel Paul, and so many others who sacrifice their lives for the Truth. (Souls) to be SAVED. Reading about his life has been an encouragement as I continue doing  Yahweh Will. Yahweh is my joy. He gets (all) Glory. I am not along; Yahweh lets me know He is with me, He has not forsaken me. It is all about living a Spirit-filled life here in this world. I am learning something New as I am growing Spiritually. I do hope you be blessed, and be encouraged. Read ( John 3:16-17) Amen!! Amen!! \O/\0/


6 thoughts on “It’s My Journey With Yahweh

  1. Yes! Thank you for your brief into on her, Sister Betty. I hope you tell us more about your own journey on here in the days ahead. Thanks for posting on my blog your message filled with faith and hope.
    Your brother,

    1. Good Bless Morning!! ((Hugs)) Many of the things that I bring forth personally I have expereince in life. Some Sweet, and Some not too Sweet. 🙂 Some things that I bring forth to share are what others has brought forth from their own hearts, and the Holy Spirit directs them to me, because He knows I need those Words of Encouragement like this message ( In the Silence ). It was brought to me at a moment I needed. So I was directed to share with others, because I know that many, many of us need encourage so we can keep moving forward. I’m bless to know that you and so many others enjoyed what is being brought forth. I will say as well I have been encourage by many who has brought forth blogs and I pray that we continue doing what we are doing In Jesus Chirst name. ((Hugs)) 🙂

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